Heatflow Underlay

  • Heatflow-LVT-Underlay


Prices is shown as £/m2 for ease with price comparison, although Heatflow Underlay is sold per 10m2 roll. Please enter the m2 that you require and our site calculator will automatically work out how many rolls you need.

More information can be seen in the description below.

Sorry, this product is no longer available


Heatflow underlay helps underfloor heating systems perform more efficiently which will result in lower energy bills by not having to turn up the systems too high. The underlay features superb sound reduction whilst also providing firmness underfoot making your floor extremely comfortable to walk on. Heatflow Underlay also includes a built in damp proof membrane (DPM) to stop moisture coming up from the sub floor. Each underlay has a film which when peeled, allows for easy joins and quicker installation. No additional tape is necessary. 10m² coverage per roll. Reduces sound up to 20dB. Each roll is 1.1m wide