Measuring Guide

Prior to placing your order, we advise that you use our Free planning service for any complicated areas. This will enable us to make plans based on your sizes to minimise waste and avoid errors. We can also ensure you order the correct accessories. Our products are sold in metric. However, if you prefer to measure in Feet & Inches that is absolutely fine and we will plan for you in that way also. We will then convert the total size needed back to metric for ordering purposes.

Measuring for Laminate, Woodfloor and Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

Simply find the area (m2) of your room (Length x width). Add 10% for wastage. Our product calculator will work out how many packs you need. (Each product varies in quantity). For odd shape rooms, draw a diagram and square it off into sections and work out the m2 of each area. – Although, we are happy to do all that for you. Just send us the room diagram with all the required sizes.