Orders & Prices

Low Prices, Every Day.
We promise Low Prices, every day. We keep our prices, the lowest we can possibly manage, all of the time. Reduced prices advertised on our websites are applicable to Internet sales only. ‘Normal prices’ shown on reduced items relate to the list price that we sell the same product for through our ‘offline’ trading outlets.*

Delivery costs.
All orders are subject to a delivery charge. See here for more information.

Product Names
It is common practice for manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers to use different names for the same product. Therefore, the delivery label may show a different product name than on your receipt. Please do not worry about this. However, please ensure that the product delivered matches the design, colour and specifications as the one you ordered with us. Upon delivery, If you have any concern that the product is not the one you ordered, please contact us immediately. Do not unpack, cut or fit a product if you believe it may be an incorrect product. Returns must be received back to us in the same manner and condition in which they were sent.