Scotia Beading 2.4m



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  • If you are ordering flooring with us, we will send the profile that matches your flooring the best (in our opinion). Please note that an exact colour match cannot be guaranteed as many flooring manufacturers do not make matching accessories. We will match your flooring to a generic brand of accessories.
  • If you aren’t ordering any flooring (just the accessories), then please find one of our laminate flooring products that are close in colour and make a note of it in the order notes section at checkout.
  • Sold in 2.4m lengths.


Scotia Beading measures 2.4m and is designed for use with laminate floors, giving the finishing touch of class and expert appearance.

Installation guidelines advise that an expansion gap should be left around any skirting board, wall or door edge – scotias are the perfect accessory to finish off your room as they are placed over the expansion gap and are secured to the wall or skirting board.